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Defend yourself with towers, shoot your powerful bow and don’t let the skeleton warriors cross your battle lines!!

Choose the ideal towers and weapons according to the enemy you’ll confront in each battle.

Features of Skull Legends:

  • 24 playing scenes that will take you from desolate cemeteries and soggy marshes to ancient ruins and charred lands where the head of the enemy legions resides.
  • 15 different kinds of skeleton warriors. Fight against the ancient Celts, Roman legionnaires, Vikings and Samurais... each with unique powers.
  • 6 types of defense towers with 3 levels of specialization and blockades like barricades and exploding barrels.
  • Dark Book with all the information on the various skeleton warriors, defense towers, bows, magic arrows, combat bracers and potions that you can use in the game.
  • Spectacular high-definition 3D graphics that will no doubt immerse you in the battle.
  • Superb original soundtrack.

If you like the Tower Defense games and you like action, Skull Legends is without a doubt the game for you.

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